If I Was Giving Out The Oscar For Best Picture: 2020

Every year there is a lot of Hub Bub about who will win what at the World’s most prestigious award ceremony dedicated to greatness in the film industry .

I used to be way into watching all the Oscar nominees every year, then I started doing my own thing as far as movies are concerned.

But now I’m back baby!

This year offered a really great mix of films, and for the first time a foreign film won Best Picture and Best Director. I’m just yearning to get my hands on Parasite, but alas it is not being offered on any streaming services that I have access to, yet.

Anyway, many good films, and many justly awarded awards.

But if I had all the power, and decided which film would receive the award for Best Picture, who would I pick.

Well, presently while beginning to write this blog I have not yet seen all the nominees. Firstly, because they aren’t all on Netflix (I kind of dislike going to the show/can’t take smoke breaks), and second, I haven’t set aside the time yet.

But as I am pretty liberated as obligations go, I will now drill through as many as I can as fast as I can.

To be transparent, at the onset of this blog I have seen a few of the nominees already, just not all. I will rectify the situation as I try and determine who is who and what is what of this very important Oscar nomination category.

The movies, in case you were unaware, are.

  • Jojo Rabbit
  • The Irishman
  • Marrriage Story
  • Ford v Ferrari
  • Joker
  • Little Women
  • 1917
  • Once Upon A Time in Hollywood
  • Parasite

The first film I will talk about is Jojo Rabbit because 1) I am literally watching it right now as I am typing this and 2) I was really excited for this film (I love anything mocking Nazi’s).

Jojo Rabbit

jojo rabbit - Oscar nominee for best picture

When I first saw the trailer for this film I was a bit sceptical. Not that I thought it would be bad, but rather I thought it was somewhat plagiarizing Wes Anderson’s directorial style.

Okay so wow, I literally got less than 30 seconds in and I am already hooked. It’s funny, light hearted and totally making fun of Nazi’s.

And what I said about it plagiarizing Wes Anderson…Wrong.

I’m going to watch more then report back. Note* Great opening song.

So I’m back after having watched the entire film.

It was soOo good!!

There are many narrative vehicles throughout the story and I’ll try to address them here without putting down any spoilers.

First is the young boy’s (Jojo) relationship with his imaginary friend who just happens to be Hitler.

At first they are just goofing around because after all this is Hitler from the mind of a 10 year old.

Then Hitler starts to demand obedience etc. Like the real deal.

Taika Waititi is really funny as the imaginary Hitler and the relationship evolves as the story goes forward and the character learns a few things.

I don’t think this is a spoiler so I’ll just say that Hitler doesn’t remain his friend forever, because duh the character changes.

Another vehicle of the narrative is that Jojo cannot tie his shoes and his mother is always doing it for him. Now to explain this in depth would give away big time the bulk of the story so I won’t go into it.

The entire film was entertaining, enthralling and I felt it covered some pivotal life lessons for the young characters.

There is a moment where things take a dark turn (after all this movie is about Nazis) but that is not the predominant feeling of the film.

I loved this movie and recommend it to you, whoever you are.

If I was giving out the Oscar for Best Picture I’d have a hard time not forking it over right away to Jojo Rabbit.

Final rating 👍/😃

The Irishman

irishman - Oscar nominee for best picture

Being that I am a big Scorsese fan I was big time looking forward to this film. But as time passed I kind of put it off due to it’s massive length (that’s what she said), and I typically felt I just did not have it in me to watch a 3.5 hours movie.

However, It kind of snuck up on me and I ended up watching the entire thing in one sitting.

*Related Article: A Scorsese Showdown

Essentially, I thought this of the behemoth of a film: It was good, but it wasn’t Scorsese’s best and it definintely wasn’t better than most of the other nominees in the Best Picture category.

Big statement, I know, since I’m just a regular guy with no movie making chops, and Scorsese is arguably one of the best movie makers of all time. Anyway, I thought the film was overrated.

Joe Pesci was really good though. De Niro and Pacino are somewhat too travelled to be in any more films credibly playing someone they are not. What I mean is, it’s almost as though they are just playing the same character over and over.

Okay so I just talked a lot of shit, but this movie was still overall really good. It’s just that it wasn’t clearly the ‘Best’.

The costumes and cars really nailed the period, and that fancy CGI they used to de-age Pacino for the role of Jimmy Hoffa was pretty cool.

Back to talking shit: It’s just that the story meanders for so long after the deed is done. The plot peaks somewhere around the remaining 45 minute mark and we just sit there as an audience and watch an old De Niro recount the specifics of the story.

For some reason Anna Paquin (who is awesome) is in this movie with almost no lines. Seems like somewhat of a waste but whatever I’m not in charge of The Irishman’s budget.

If I was giving out the Oscar for Best Picture I definintely wouldn’t give it to this film. Not because I’m a dick (I might be) but because it just wasn’t as good as Jojo Rabbit.

You might be saying, “well fuck, that is an apples and bowling balls comparison!”

To which I say, “wrong.”

All the nominees for Best Picture come from a wide array of genres and it’s up to us the viewers to decide what speaks to us the most.

Anyway, I give the Irishman 🍀🍀🍀/🇮🇪

Marriage story

marriage story - Oscar nominee for best picture

I’ll be up front and say that out of the movies already discussed here I liked this one the least. It’s not that it was bad, in fact it was written very well. It’s just that the subject matter, atleast to me, wasn’t very appealing.

That seems biased of me and so forth but really it’s just a movie where a couple is getting divorced and they start fighting over their kid and shit.

Now I’m not a child of divorce so I’m not having a knee jerk reaction to the content of this film but it still made me uncomfortable.

Let’s break down this film a little bit.

Adam Driver, so hot right now. This guy could take a shit and people would applaud all over the world. And it’s not undeserved either.

He’s really good, and he’s really good in this film.

Scarlet Johansson remains scalding hot. But in this movie she plays more of a cute mom type and it works, very believable.

I guess as I’m writing this I’m coming to terms with the fact that this was a better movie than I am capable of expressing due to my predisposition with the subject matter.

Some of the movie straight up made me uncomfortable. Does that mean it is good? Maybe.

I definintely felt things when watching.

Because it was really well written I can’t really fault it. It’s just the actors didn’t really have to stretch themselves for their roles. They were just ordinary people.

Side note – maybe that’s why the movie was good, because they were dealing with real problems etc.

If I was giving out the Oscar for Best Picture I definitely wouldn’t give it to this movie either. Not because it was bad…

Because it wasn’t better than Jojo Rabbit. And at this point in time I’m saying that is the front runner.

But overall I give Marriage Story 🎭🎭/😢😢

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

once upon a time in hollywood - Oscar nominee for best picture

Okay so I’m writing this as I’m watching!

First thing of note is the amount of cameos and the amount of roles that are based on real people.

While watching the first half I thought it would go in one direction and it totally just wondered around.

Somewhat I have to say that nothing happens in this movie in the sense of a beginning middle and end. It’s more of a ‘little slices of something’ type movie. What I mean by that is that some things happen but they don’t necessarily add up to anything.

I am really liking Leonardo Dicaprio’s performance. I’m surprised he didn’t get more credit for his part.

No spoiler- there’s even a part where he has a complete meltdown and it was very funny.

Brad Pitt did win an Oscar for Supporting Actor for his role and I somewhat am lost as to why.

I thought this film was going to mostly involve the Manson family and Sharon Tate but it’s more just used as a backdrop for the real story which has to do with Leonardo Dicaprio’s career as a western actor on the way out.

Okay nvm, what I’m watching right now –  the Manson family is a major deal and it’s getting creepy.

I was wondering where the quintessential Tarantino tension was in this movie and low and behold here it is in the creepiest way. However most of the movie is pretty happy go lucky.

Generally I have to say that this film is just about being a picture into Hollywood of a certain period. The cheesy films, the tacky decor, and the over the top backdrop of counter culture of the 60’s, all fall into line to be a great look into that era. 

However, I’d say this wasn’t Tarantino’s best. It was good, but it was a real slow burn. 

If you haven’t watched this film -SPOILER – it somewhat more aligns with Inglorious Basterds than any of his other films. In that it takes real events and imagines them differently. 

The final scene was very VERY good, it just took a lot of work to get to that point for the viewer. 

Do I think this film was worthy of Best Picture at the Oscars?…Sadly no. 

But I did like it more than Marriage Story and the Irishman. 

It had a nice fantasy vibe to it, in that it took place in a world that is totally foreign to me and is gone forever. 

With all that being said, I give it 🔥🔥🔥/🔫🔫 

Ford v Ferrari

Ford vs Ferrari - Oscar nominee for best picture

I have to say of all the movies nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars this one grabbed my attention the least.

I’m not saying I thought it would be a bad movie, it’s just I have zero interest in cars.

But I like Matt Damon so I gave it a shot anyway.

First thing- what? Christian Bale is in this?

The first notions that are going through my head about this movie is that they got a huge amount of stars for what could be (not determined yet) a boring movie about cars.

I’ve only watched 10 minutes of this movie and I feel that Bale is going to steal the entire movie from anyone else on screen.

Second thing- this movie is mostly centred on American lore (how great they are…) and as such is somewhat contrived.

I understand that going against Ferrari was a big deal but every small victory can’t be the reason your country is great. But whatever, no more USA bashing I promise.

So far the only thing I like about this movie is Christian Bale working over time. Oh- and the accuracy to the period.

As well the movie seems to be spinning at the mid point. I get it, the Bale character is hard to manage but there should be more to an Oscar caliber movie.

There is one good scene that has nothing to do with cars but I won’t spoil it for you now.

One thing is for sure, Henry Ford II does not come off as a good dude.

I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion this film is just car porn…There’s very little plot or character development.

The only ‘good’ thing about this film, and I’m closing in on the end, is Christian Bale.

Sure Matt Damon does a food job but it’s not enough for the Oscar for Best Picture if you ask me.

The story just doesn’t have enough…oomph.

I’m sorry to anyone who loves cars and thought this movie was tight, but it’s just overrated and boring.

If I was giving out the Oscar for Best Picture I certainly would not consider this film.

Sorry car guys, it just didn’t do it for me.

In the end, I give this movie 🚗/🇺🇸


parasite - Oscar nominee for best picture

Obviously this film won Best Picture and judging by it’s trailer it is super interesting and dense. 

People have described it to me as a movie that doesn’t occupy one single genre and that repeated watches would only show the viewer more.

I’m super interested to start watching this movie, which I am about to do like right now. I’ll report back when I have my first thoughts. 

It’s only been five minutes or so, but I dig this movie. For somewhat the same reasons I liked JoJo Rabbit it would seem. 

The director constructed like an entire ambiance that is infectious and it’s hard to look away for fear of missing something. It’s kind of like a Korean Wes Anderson Film at this point. I’ll report back in a bit. 

I’m back…And so far this film is a very interesting look into class and status. And I’m starting to get why it’s called Parasite. Also, lot’s of visual metaphors, super entertaining. 

So I took a little break and when I came back the film started to get…dark, like really dark. 

I see why it doesn’t fall into a single category or genre. There’s a lot going on and it’s constantly going forward. 

This movie was somewhat leaving me wanting more, then the final scene happened. 

Essentially, the rich people turn out not to be that great and the ‘Parasite’ keeps on keeping on. 

Is this the best movie I’ve ever seen? No. Is it the best movie of the year? I’m not sure. 

As far as the quality of the movie, it certainly is very high and was written very well. It’s just I’m not sure this is a better movie than JoJo Rabbit. 

Right now, just to not be controversial, I’ll say JoJo Rabbit and Parasite are tied as the best movie of the movies nominated for Best Picture that I have seen so far. 

If I was giving out the award for Best Picture, I’d certainly have my work cut out for me because I don’t know what to make of this film in particular. 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s good, it’s just I’m not sure it’s so much better than some of the other ones on the list. 

All in all, I give this movie 🐞🐞🐞/🗡️🗡️🗡️


Joker - Oscar nominee for best picture

This movie came out with a load of hype and I mostly avoided it. Now I am full on watching this movie (right now) and making up my own mind. 

Joaquin Phoenix did get Best Actor at the Oscars for his part in the titular role so I’m pretty curious to see how much better this performance is. 

But my gut tells me this movie will be sad and unrelenting. However, we shall see. 

Two minutes in – I can say that Joaquin is certainly acting his socks off/ and I somewhat get why this film was controversial – heavy undercurrent of mental health issues.

I’m having thoughts that this film might be too sad, like way too sad. It might be good, but it’s bringing me down a bit. 

So I’ve got to the part where Joker is becoming definitely not a nice guy and can only say that this movie is super dark, but I can see why it was nominated for sure. 

On a side note – this film was shot very nicely, with some great angles and perspectives. There is also a very sparring use of music which is a nice touch. 

Oh shit, they are throwing down some big twists into the Batman Universe. I won’t spoil for anyone who hasn’t watched yet but wow. 

Just when I think this movie can’t get any darker…boy. Shit is real tough to get through. 

No doubt this is a great movie and could have possibly won an Oscar for Best Picture had Parasite and Jojo Rabbit not come out the same year but the competition was fierce. 

It’s just that this film was incredibly sad… Like almost unbearably so. 

I’m kind of changing my mind about this movie in the last leg. It’s a very good back story for the Joker and the fact that it was sad is the way it had to be. 

As far as painting a larger story for which Batman comes into existence, it did a very good job. It also did a great job at not being a kids movie whatsoever. 

Controversial statement time – This iteration of the Joker might be way WAY better than Heath Ledger’s in that it was a true portrayal of someone tormented by society and themselves. And…they gave the Joker a real reason to be crazy, like he has actual mental health problems. 

If I was giving out the award for Best Picture at the Oscars, would I have given it to this film? I don’t think so, but it was quite good. Is it better than Parasite? Not in my opinion. 

After all was said and done, I give this movie 🤡🤡🤡/😢😢😢😢😢


1917 - Oscar nominee for best picture

Other than the fact this is a war movie the only thing I know about 1917 is that it was shot in a peculiar way. You might know already that this film was done to look like it was shot in a single take. 

I’m watching it right now, and so far it’s really well done. even though the camera is just passing through each scene there is an incredible amount of detail. 

I’m left wondering how they made the sets for this film, was it entirely green screen or did they dig a bunch of holes for the actors to jump into?

Oddly enough I don’t have that much to say about this movie. It definitely was a war movie, and people definitely died, but whatever just a movie in the end. 

If I was giving out the award for Best Picture at the Oscars, I don’t think this film would be in my top five. It just didn’t do it for me, really. 

In the end I give this movie 🎖️🎖️/ 💥

Little Women

little women - Oscar nominee for best picture

Okay, so soOo! I really tried to watch this movie but I just couldn’t. 

I’m not saying it’s bad or that its message is bad, in fact I know its message is good. I just couldn’t keep myself interested in it. Does that make me a bad person? Maybe. 

I should be able to identify with women and so forth but watching little women was just something I could not do. 

I guess I now know what it’s like for my mother who has had to sit through countless action movies in her life just to make me happy. 

The point is, not every movie, no matter how much you try, will be for you. 

I won’t give this film a rating because that would be unfair. I didn’t really give it a full watch so what do I know about it anyway. 

Final Thoughts

While I was watching these movies I was fighting the urge to just stop and proclaim Jojo Rabbit my pick for Best Picture. But now that I have been through all of them, I can do exactly that. 

Jojo Rabbit I thought was the best all around film that was nominated for the Oscar for Best Picture this year. 

It just had me from the very beginning. 

The atmosphere, the style, the casting, directing, and music. All very good.

I have to admit, I was really close to saying Parasite was my choice, because it was funny and made a big statement. It was more of an art film, with metaphors and symbols than Jojo Rabbit so I can see why it actually won the award for Best Picture. 

But this is my platform and I get to say what’s the best (in my opinion). 

So my final thoughts? If I was giving out the Oscar for Best Picture in the year 2020, I would have to say it was Jojo Rabbit, but just by a smidge. 

Parasite on the other hand is still such a good movie that we will no doubt be talking about it for some time still. And I certainly hope we get more movies like it. 

If you stuck around till the end I hope you decide to buy a hat (baseball, or beanie), or t-shirt. 

Otherwise I hope you add me on Twitter at @Bonobo_Boys and stay tuned for more!



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